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Best Digital Smile Design with 3D Imaging Technology

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Best Dental Hospital in Hyderabad

Best Dental Hospital in Hyderabad

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  • Protocol's Dependability
  • Visually communicated Procedures
  • Highest precision Crowns
  • Comfortable Impression Materials
  • Aesthetic Smile

Dr. Jaydev’s Dental Clinic is the Best Hospital in Hyderabad

Dr. Jaydev Dental clinic is the destination for its well-furnished technologically rich equipment that facilitates all types of oral or dental treatments and aesthetics.

The exceptional care and precise patient-centric approach during and after the treatment made our clinic one of the best in the city.

Catching up on the patient’s pain points and devising the treatment plans is what made us one of the successful clinics that treated 50,000+ unique and complex cases and still counting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is digital Smile design a safe technology?

Yes, it is a completely painless procedure and the safest to achieve a beautiful curved smile. It enables patients to see what they are going to achieve before the actual process starts.

Why we need a Digital smile design?

It is one of the best approaches that give the diagnosis of dental problems like crooks, chipped teeth, or discolored or misaligned teeth. And above all, it helps us gain the perfect smile that matches our facial structure.

How digital smile design works?

We at Dr. Jaydev clinic use the 3D imaging technology where the patient’s smile is designed taking the face and mouth structures into consideration. Digital manipulation for the smile is mocked up and shown to understand the actual smile post-treatment.

What are the indications of digital smile design?

If you are having any of the conditions like midline diastema, Malaligned teeth, chipped teeth, Discolored teeth, Gummy smile, etc., is align the smile structure indicating to correct it.

Will my digital smile design really look like the preview?

Digital smile design is a holistic and accurate smile design process that removes disappointments. Every point of your smile is previewed before it is actually implemented. The restorations are made with accurate precision to ensure the mock-up you see and the final smile is alike.

Is digital smile design painful?

No. In this process, we use an intraoral digital scanner that screens everything instantaneously. This is a completely comfortable process.