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Best Dental Hospital in Hyderabad

Best Dental Hospital in Hyderabad

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Dr. Jaydev MDS; MFD RCSI (UK); MFDS RCPS (UK) has won clinical excellence award thrice for his esteemed procedures in treating complex dental issues.

  • No.1 Microscopic Root Canal Specialist
  • UK Certified Young Endodontist
  • 1st time ever 10 Years assurance
  • Digital Smile Design Expert
  • Only Dentist with Highest number of Degrees

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  • Treatment by UK-trained Specialist
  • Wide spectrum of advanced dental treatments
  • 10 Years Assurance on Materials Used
  • Advanced Dental Equipment and Quality material
  • Painless and Anxiety free environment

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Microscopic Root Canal Treatment?

Microscope enhances the tooth and lets the dentist view the deeper parts of it and the infection present there. This helps the treatment to work on the deeper level of infection which helps in saving the tooth for a longer period with no side effects.

Is a root canal treatment painful?

There is a misconception that the root canal treatment(RCT) is extremely painful, but the fact is when treatment is performed with a Microscope the pain is very minimal and doesn’t last long.

Do I need a root canal treatment if the tooth does not hurt?

If your tooth is decayed and left untreated, it might spread to other teeth. In such a case, root canal treatment(RCT) needs to be performed at the starting stage even if it doesn’t hurt.

How long does the procedure take?

Root canal treatment can be completed in one visit. If the issue is very severe, the dentists suggest a better procedure plan.

How successful is root canal treatment?

Success rate of a regular root canal is very less. But a Microscopic root canal treatment success rate is 98% when combined with the latest technology and experience.

Are there any side effects after Root Canal Treatment?

No, the root canal treatment is very safe and painless. There is no scope for side effects after a successful root canal treatment.

Can my tooth be retreated after failed root canal treatment?

Yes, we can perform Re-Root Canal Treatment to save a tooth that already had a bad root canal treatment.