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Dr.Jaydev dental clinic. Our dentists and dental specialists here at the clinic believe in care and attention to our patients. At the hospital, we always strive to give the best and healthy dental experience to our patients. Our dental clinic is currently located in Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad, near Banjarahills. The hospital is equipped with state of art facilities and technical equipment that is the best and very rarely seen equipment in other dental hospitals of India. Our clinic is well–equipped to deal with all the dental problems right from small toothache to Digital Smile Design. The hospital consists of Dentists, orthodontists, and Endodontists to take care of different problems and issues that patients face.

We claim to be the best dental hospital and clinic in India as we have the best facilities and exceptional care at affordable prices. As the best clinic we have treated about 50,000+ patients, specialized in unique and complex dental cases, and 11,000 Implant cases have been treated. In the hospital, we use advanced pain management techniques to ensure the best experience for the patients even who face complex dental procedures and dental problems. To be more precise we are a hospital with more emphasis on a patient-centric approach.

Our specialised doctors believe in permanent treatments rather than temporary cures as oral issues are the major part where one loses confidence. At the hospital, we always 1st understand the patient's issue and suggest to them a better and permanent surgery option.


10 Years Assurance

Jaydev dental clinic is the trusted dental hospital in india which gives 10 years of assurance for the products used and the treatment given within the boundaries of clinical and radiological scenarios of the patient. All assured treatments will be attested with our stamp on patients reports.


UK Trained Dental Specialist

Dr.Jaydev - MDS; MFD RCSI (UK); MFDS RCPS (UK) - is a Microendodontist, Digital Smile expert, and Full mouth reconstructive specialist who is always a call away to his patients and treats patients with the help of the latest technologies in India.


Patient - Centric Approach

Our dental hospital always believes in one value that is patient is always true and we strive for the utmost care to our patients

Best Dental Services

Dental Services at our Hospital

Root Canel

Root Canal Treatment

A root canal procedure is very similar to a routine filling. It is an endodontic procedure- meaning the treatment is done to counter any internal defects in teeth. Every year, thousands of people get root canal procedures to relieve pain in the tooth.

dental implant

Dental Implants

Having a few missing teeth which is bothering your smile constantly? Dental Implants are a permanent solution for those missing teeth where artificial crowns are made to replace the empty spaces in your mouth.


Orthodontic Braces

If you are having improper alignment with your teeth, we have a solution for that too! Try out braces for straightening your teeth so that you won’t feel shy when you smile next time!

dental reconstruction

Full Mouth Re-Construction

A full mouth reconstruction is where you get an entire dental makeover that rebuilds and restores your teeth that might have been damaged due to unfortunate circumstances.


Smile Designing

Here is a full-time solution to set your teeth for the perfect smile. You wouldn’t have to worry about this anymore when you approach us, as we have the best Cosmetic Dentists to sort out this for you.

dental bridge

Bridges and Crowns

What to do when you’re teeth have broken down? There are options like bridges and crowns that are made as to the perfect replacement for those missing teeth and you will not even be able to make out the difference as it looks very much real.

dental veneers

Dental Caps and Veners

Two of the most known dental restoration procedures for enhancing the appearance and functioning of your teeth, our experts are well equipped to provide the perfect dental caps and veneers for you.

Dental Clinic

Cosmetic Dentistry

In spite of regular brushing and flossing, chances of tartar and plaque forming on your teeth are very much high. For this reason, we also provide Tooth Cleaning and Polishing services so you don’t have to worry about those yellow teeth!

dental laser treatment

Laser Dentistry

Our Clinic has the best Laser equipment there is. Lasers in dentistry have come up pretty recently wherein dental procedures like enamel filling, root canal, dental biopsy, teeth whitening, etc.

teeth-before-dental-treatment-at-best-dental-hospital-hyderabad teeth-after-dental-treatment-at-best-dental-hospital-hyderabad

Specialized Care at Our Dental Hospital

You are entitled to a dental experience that is not just unique to you but also convenient.

Our team works to make dental anxiety a thing of the past. We strive to make you feel like a part of our family as an united and enjoyable team, and we hope you like the cozy setting we provide.

During the pandemic, we're also taking extra precautions to ensure that patients of all ages may continue to receive dental care securely.A missing tooth might make you feel self-conscious and anxious. But, thanks to dental implants , we can make such feelings go away.Our caring dentists install and restore dental implants. This cutting-edge technology allows us to replace your tooth with unrivalled predictability and precision.

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  • Unique dental treatments
  • 10 Years assurance
  • Best quality material


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Dr. Jaydev MDS; MFD RCSI (UK); MFDS RCPS (UK) is a India based dentist who has been serving families in the dental area for about 15 years. Dr. Jaydev and his specialists enjoys staying up to date on the latest innovations in dentistry so that you can have a peaceful and efficient experience every time you visit our dental clinic.Veneers, Lumineers, Crowns, Tooth contouring, Teeth Whitening, Smile Makeovers, and Implants are just a few of the cosmetic dental treatment options available at Dr. Jaydev's Clinic. Veneers, Lumineers, Crowns , Tooth contouring, Teeth whitening , Smile makeovers, and Dental implants are just a few of the cosmetic dental treatment options available at Dr. Jaydev's Clinic.

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