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Everyone desires a bright and lovely smile. However, various orthodontic issues prevent people from having a beautiful smile. Crooked, crowded teeth, gaps in teeth, and other misalignment issues can be addressed by an orthodontist. Orthodontic issues not only take away your beautiful smile, but they also cause a variety of digestive health issues. Misaligned teeth cause overbite, underbite, crossbite, and open bite. Dentists recommend that teeth positioning be corrected as soon as possible.

What Are Braces?

Braces are dental appliances that correct problems with your teeth such as crowding, crooked teeth, and out-of-alignment teeth. Braces are commonly worn by teenagers, but they can also be worn by adults. Braces gradually straighten and align your teeth so that you have a normal bite as you wear them. Some people wear braces to straighten their teeth.

While many general dentists can perform basic tooth alignment and treat other dental problems, orthodontists specialize in teeth straightening. After dental school, a dentist studies and trains as an orthodontist for two to three years. Dr. Jaydev MDS, MFD RCSI (UK), MFDS RCPS (UK) is a dental specialist who specializes in teeth straightening, bite correction and jaw disorders.

Our orthodontist will ask you health-related questions, perform a clinical examination, digitally scan your teeth, photograph your face and teeth, and arrange mouth and head X-rays. We'll devise a treatment based on this information.

How Long Should One Wear Braces

The amount of time it takes to get braces differs from person to person. It is dependent on:

  • What is the severity of your problem?
  • The quantity of space you have in your mouth
  • How well do you follow directions?
  • The length of time it takes for your teeth to travel
  • The teeth, gums, and supporting bone health

Braces are typically worn for one to three years after they are placed. For the first six months after braces are removed, most people must wear a retainer at all times. After that, you must only wear it when sleeping, but you can do so for many years.

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Process After Braces

The orthodontist will carefully clean your teeth when your braces are removed. They may want to take further X-rays and bite imprints to see how well the braces worked and if you've developed any wisdom teeth. If your wisdom teeth start to erupt after your braces are gone, your dentist or orthodontist may recommend that you have them extracted to keep your newly aligned teeth from slipping.

A retainer, which is a vital aspect of post-braces maintenance, will be fitted by your dentist or orthodontist. Even if braces have effectively straightened your teeth, the bones, gums, and muscles must adjust to the alteration before they are entirely established in their new position. Teeth also have a tendency to move over time. As a result, the length of time a retainer should be worn varies from person to person.


Foods Should You Avoid During Braces Treatment

Braces are a delicate accessory. If a piece of the appliance breaks, the teeth may move in the wrong direction, requiring more treatment time. Anything firm, sticky, or chewy should be avoided, such as:

  • Ice-cream
  • Nuts
  • Popcorn
  • Candy that is hard to break
  • Gum chewing
  • Caramel-like chewy candy
  • Gummies
  • Foods that are hard or difficult to bite, such as apples or bagels.
  • Pretzels made of hard dough
  • Carrots


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Types Of Braces


Metal Braces

Metal braces are used in traditional braces. They consist of brackets affixed to the front of your teeth or bands that fit around each tooth, as well as flexible wires called archwires that connect the brackets or bands. Rubber bands or metal ties that connect the brackets to the wire are sometimes included with braces.

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Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are very effective and offer discretion when getting your teeth straightened. If you require braces, talk to your dentist to find out if ceramic braces are right for you. Also, feel free to call our office at any time to ask any questions you have about braces or any other dental procedure. We will be happy to help!

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Invisible Aligners

Invisible braces are another term for them. These are translucent plastic trays that fit over your teeth and are comfortable to wear. They utilize gentle pressure to straighten your smile and shift your teeth into the proper locations. You can take the aligners out to eat, brush, or floss, but they must be worn for at least 22 hours each day to be effective.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How often do I need to brush my teeth with braces?

You should brush your teeth four times a day. Once after each meal and then again before you go to bed.

How often do I need to follow up appointments?

In general every six to eight weeks, we will tell you specifically how often is right for you. Skipping appointments can hinder your progress.

What foods should be avoided while on treatment?

Avoid sticky, chewy foods, like caramel, and hard candy, as well as very crispy or crunchy foods, like pizza crust and fried chicken. These can damage braces and wires.

How do I take care of braces?

Taking care of your braces is just as important as brushing and flossing your teeth. It's important to regularly attend your scheduled appointments so the brackets don't break or wear out. Extra time and care around the brackets is recommended.

How many days does it take for teeth to reallocate with braces?

Approximately 4 weeks following bonding, you should detect slight movements in your teeth. Greater shifts that are more visible require more time as they become noticeable after approximately 2-3 months