Dr. Jaydev – Best Dental Specialist in Hyderabad

Dr. Jaydev MDS, MFD, RCSI (UK); MFDS RCPS (UK), is one of the very few Dentists in city with double super specialisations- One in Microscopic Endodontics and other in smile designing. He is currently a Member faculty of dentistry - Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland (UK) which is the highest recognition by the Royal College. He is also a Member faculty of Dental Surgery Royal college of Surgeons Glasgow(UK).

He is a UK trained Dentists and well-known Endodontist and Smile Designing expert in Hyderabad who is completely patient centric and always strives his best for patients good health. His gentle and professional approach is proven by the continuous positive feedback and good reviews he receives from his patients. Most of the patients say that he is the best dental doctor and a very patient dentist who understands the patients pain and treat accordingly.

UK Certified Young Endodontist

Like everything for tooth & Smile, Dr. Jaydev along with his in-house endodontist team dealt with the complex cases of root canal such as re-endo or retreatment or extremely curved roots.

Having qualified in UK's best dental schools, Dr. Jaydev holds prestigious certifications for his vision in dentistry. He is a passionate young endodontist in hyderabad who keep himself up in new dental technologies.

With special interest towards microscopic root canal, Dr. Jaydev started his clinic with advanced machinery and treatment procedures that eases patient's with the process.

His specializations

Award Winning Dentist

Dr.Jaydev is a recipient of prestigious YOUNG ACHIEVER AWARD for year 2014, CLINICAL EXCELLENCE AWARD FOR YEAR 2016 , 2018, 2019, 2020, from Indian association of conservative dentistry and Endodontics.





Workshops to Dentists

As a Dentist he is extremely passionate and educates Endodontists on Advancements and complexities in Endodontics. He lectures and conducts hands-on courses for dentists, both in India and abroad. He trained almost 500+ Endodontist in a period 2019-2022.

His workshops were attended by Best Dentists and Endodontists all over India. His expertise in the subject made him the Top 1 Dentist. All the dentists in the dental fraternity know Dr. Jaydev for his excellent teaching at his workshops. Teaching people who already have good amount of knowledge on the subject is extremely difficult which Dr.Jaydev pulls of very easily with his tremendous amount of experience.


Dr.Jaydev Dental Clinic – Jubilee Hills

Every doctor wants to establish himself and aspires to open his own clinic or hospital. So was Dr.Jay! But as a dentist he always believed in not crossing his values of serving patients the right way. His values have now shaped into a clinic named Dr.Jaydev Dental clinic which is now in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. As a dentist he wants his clinic to be the Top Dental Hospitals in Hyderabad.

Values that Dr.Jaydev dental clinic believes - Patient is God. Dr. Jay says, “ As a dentist, I always want my patients not to come back to me with pain. I feel not getting the same patient again is the biggest achievement for a Successful Dentist. A dentist success is not measured in number of cases he/she treats but a proper number of patients who have not returned with the same issue and this is the vision of my clinic.”

# How is Jaydev different from others?

Why Dr.Jay as your Dentist

Simple reason to choose Dr.Jay as your dentist is his knowledge and vision. He has introduced a process named Jaydev’s Assurance. In this, he gives a 10 years assurance for all the materials used in the clinic. He follows a process of preparing a presentation of the entire treatment which is documented and shared to the client for their future refrence which no other dentist in Hyderabad does.

  • Award Winning Dentist
  • Only Dentist in Hyderabad with Double Specialisations
  • Top Endodontist who trains other dentists
  • Finest dentists who believes in using quality material not premium material
  • UK Certified dental specialist


Years of Experience


Patients Treated


Complex Root Canals Treated


Dental Implants

# Assurance

Dr.Jaydev's Assurance

10 Years Assured Materials

It is very important to use High-Quality materials rather than premium materials. Our dentists do not entertain any regular materials. Hence, all our treatments have a 10-year assurance.

Transparent Process

Our dentist always believes in maintaining a transparent process with the patients. This not only builds the trust but also helps in reducing the fear of mis information to the client.

Documented Proof

We provide a documented proof of the entire process along with photographs. This also serves as a future reference to the patient to have a clarity on how the treatment was performed.