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Tooth Cleaning and Polishing Services in Hyderabad

Services like Tooth Cleaning and Polishing in Hyderabad are a must-visit for everyone regardless of their oral health. Here’s why!

No one wants to spend their precious time cooped up in a dentist’s clinic. We get it. You must be feeling intimidated by all the big equipment and tools that poke in and around your mouth. However, visiting a dentist is necessary to keep your dental health in check. There is no option if you have any dental diseases and problems, but you may still want to go for regular dental checkups if you want to maintain that beautiful smile on your face.

Dr. Jaydev is the best in the dental industry with his clinic here in Hyderabad. He is a Member of the Faculty of Dentistry at the Royal College of Surgeons (UK) and a Member of the American Association of Endodontists. He had groomed his staff to be the best, and given them the space to improve in their skills. You will get to meet the most passionate people who have delicate hands that will cure all your dental problems. Visiting a dentist’s clinic is no longer intimidating with us. Relax! And come.

Lucky for you, Mr. Jaydev and his team of experts make basic tooth cleaning and tooth polishing services in Hyderabad, both affordable and less intimidating. Both these services are exactly what their name suggests. Tooth cleaning and polishing aren’t much of a rocket science. These services are a simple formula to prevent bigger dental problems. Before we get into its benefits and process, let’s briefly explore what tooth cleaning and tooth polishing are.

What is Tooth Cleaning?

Why do you brush your teeth? For the reason of cleaning your teeth right? Then why do you have to go to the dentist for teeth cleaning? Well, for the same reason but the only difference is that the dentist reaches tough spots in your teeth your brush may not be able to reach. Food gets stuck in these tough spots and dental plaque starts making home.

Dental plaque is a layer of bacteria that grows on the surface of your teeth. Brushing daily and properly might help you get rid of it but not entirely. This plaque can form into tartar which is a hardened version of the plaque layer. Tartar is a hotbed for more bacteria and can lead to calculus formation.

Basic tooth-cleaning techniques involve brushing and flossing. If you do this daily and in a proper way, your oral hygiene will be good. However, visiting a dental hygienist every six months is recommended. They indulge in techniques like tooth scaling, tooth polishing, and debridement.

Tooth scaling or root planing is nothing but deep cleaning of teeth that has heavy calculus and plaque buildup. It is done with conventional tools or ultrasonic equipment. Debridement is also the same thing except in scaling, the root of the teeth, if exposed, is made smooth.

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What is Tooth Polishing?

Tooth polishing is also a part of tooth cleaning. Evidence of polishing teeth goes back to the Roman and Greek eras. However, modern dentistry is using polish to get rid of dental stains, remove plaque accumulation, and improve smile aesthetics.

A certain kind of paste is used for tooth polishing. Prophylactic paste that contains abrasives of all shapes and sizes is used. It comes in different flavors and variants. Some cater to teeth sensitivity while doing the primary function of polishing, whereas some cater to strength in teeth enamel, and so on.

Today, many professionals believe that tooth polishing should only be selective. That means polishing should only be done on the parts where the extrinsic stains are present. A full-mouth teeth polishing is deemed not necessary, but it is still practiced. However, selective polishing is recommended by many medical education institutions.

Polishing is also done for restorations however, it can have adverse effects on both teeth and restorations. Our saliva provides minerals to the fluoride-rich layer of enamel on our teeth. With repeated polishing, this layer can be compromised. That is why polishing pastes containing fluoride is available. In restorations, polishing paste may damage the material that it is made from.

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Advantages of Tooth Cleaning and Polishing

It is recommended that you visit a dentist every 6 months for regular check-ups. Your tooth cleaning and polishing can be a part of that visit. Getting tooth scaling and polishing done will prevent all types of dental problems. Some of them are:

  • Tooth decay or Tooth Cavities
  • Periodontal disease(Gum disease)
  • Extrinsic Stains
  • Future costs on major oral health issues
  • Aesthetics


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Frequently Asked Questions

Get Every Single Answer About Teeth Cleaning and Polishing

Are there any side effects of Teeth Polishing?

There are no specific side effects of teeth polishing. But, during the course of treatment then a patient experiences teeth sensitivity that gradually diminishes over time. There is a slight irritation in the gums which gets back to normal after few days of the procedure.

Benefits of Teeth Polishing?

One main benefit of Teeth Polishing is it helps the teeth from Plaque. Teeth polishing doesn’t help one in not getting gum diseases but it helps to improve the oral hygiene by removing bacteria.

How long should I wait after getting my teeth cleaned?

General wait time is 30 minutes to eat or drink after the treatment. However, it shall be recommended by your dentist considering the dental procedure performed.

What should I expect from a Dental Cleaning ?

Plague removal. Gritty Toothpaste cleaning. Proper Flossing. Rinsing. These are main points that you can expect from a dental cleaning procedure.