Aussie Patients Full Reconstruction and Smile Designing – Case Study
22 Aug

Aussie Patients Full Reconstruction and Smile Designing – Case Study

A patient aged 45 or older travelled all the way from Australia to undergo a comprehensive full mouth reconstruction. Upon X-ray examination, numerous issues were identified, including severe infections beneath previously placed crowns. Subsequent CBCT evaluation revealed the extent of these significant infections. We empathize with the patient's distress and frustration stemming from their compromised oral health and the overall infections resulting from previous flawed treatments.

Without delay, we commenced the necessary corrections for the failed root canals, which were the primary sources of the infections. Surgical intervention became necessary in cases where microscopic root canal procedures couldn't contain the spread of the infections. A healing period of two weeks was observed during which the patient wore temporary caps. Following this, the reconstruction of the patient's teeth began, incorporating digital smile design. Our primary objective was to enhance the patient's confidence in their smile by effectively addressing the underlying infections.

After presenting the patient with the proposed designs and receiving approval, we proceeded to place the final prosthesis. This treatment has the potential to be truly transformative for the patient, bringing about significant positive changes in their life."

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