What is Smile Designing? All about Smile Designing
03 Dec

What is Smile Designing? All about Smile Designing

Don’t laugh showing all your teeth. Everyone says this and it is an odd thing too sometimes

But, the number of teeth visible when you smile determines your smile and not your mood swings.

Do you believe it? There are 50 different types of smiles, not just Fake and Genuine Smiles.

We feel conscious about our smiles and in fact, 50% of the Indians are not satisfied with their smile.

Thus smile has become the primary thing. It is the one to aesthetically show you or present you confidently. Smile is the curve that sets everything about your face and teeth. If you are not confident about your smile or your jawline or tooth line, then all you need is a design for your smile.

Your smile is already attractive. But you can discover the extraordinary look your smile can give you. A healthy smile and better oral health all start with a smile design.

Smiles are never bad but some aesthetic drawbacks make us smile-conscious. The average person smiles 2,32,000 times a day. Half of the people do not smile becoming conscious about the appearance of their teeth or gums. Whatever may be your smile insecurities, smile designing can address them all.


1. What is Smile Designing?

2. Aesthetic Components of Smile Makeover

3. Digital Smile Designing

4. The Process of Smile Designing Treatment

5. Digital Smile Designing Treatment Cost in India

6. Final Thoughts

7. The most common questions my patients rise to me

Aesthetic Components of Smile Makeover

What is Smile Designing?

Simply defined, it is customized dentistry to achieve your smile goals. Smile designing does not involve any invasive procedures. Smile designing is a systematic procedure to improve the appearance of the Smile. But, most people mistake it as rebuilding the smile. Hence, we term this as “Bringing the Extraordinary from an Ordinary.” Smile designs do wonders to restore the lost smile due to issues with teeth.

What exactly is smile designing?

It is a smile reformative procedure. This gives you a natural-looking smile suitable for your face. There are different procedures to achieve this and all depend on the teeth placement. Your teeth are the supporters that make up a good-looking smile. Before we start with smile designing, there are factors to take into consideration. There are many factors to determine the smile structure. These include facial appearance, skin tone, face dynamics, Teeth, and Gums.  Also, based on teeth placement, there are different methods of reconstructing a smile.

Aesthetic Components of Smile Makeover

There are a few aspects to take a look at to design the smile design procedure. They are:

  • Tooth discoloration
  • Alignment and Spacing Issue
  • Crowded Tooth
  • Gap teeth and overlapping teeth.
  • Broken or missing teeth
  • Decayed tooth

If you are having any of the above oral or dental issues, you will have a misaligned or unstructured smile. There you may need a smile-designing expert who can work on resetting it.

There are a few aesthetic components considered for a perfect smile design or smile makeover.

  1.  Tooth Length:

Long teeth give a youthful experience. Some may have longer gums or thick gums that make the tooth look shorter. In some cases, aging affects the wear and tear of the tooth. If you are having a gummy smile, your dentist will advise you to modify or reshape the gum line. This will extend the teeth which then changes the look of the face and smile.

  1. Tooth Balances:

As teeth are the first visible ones when you smile, any imbalances in teeth may misalign the smile. So, your cosmetic dentist first determines the balance in teeth.

  1. Smile Line:

It ideally follows the edges of the upper teeth. This point helps determine the length of the teeth should be.


Digital Smile Designing

Digital Smile Designing is a state-of-the-art digital tool to customize smile design. In this process, the dentist can create a computer-generated model of the ideal smile.

The dentist at Dr. Jaydev dental first takes a photograph of the ideal smile. They measure the length of the teeth, gums, face, and bite. The dentists take the images. Then digitally design the smile to match the magnitude of your facial and dental aesthetics.

It is often used with other dental treatments such as porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and dental implants.

Digital Smile design is often used with other dental treatments such as porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and dental implants.


The process of Digital Smile Designing

Step  1 - Assessment and information gathering: 

The dentist begins by interacting with you to know your smile goals, concerns, and wishes. Next, the dentist takes photographs, impressions, and X-rays of the mouth and teeth. This also involves taking video footage of your mouth when talking, smiling, or laughing. This enhances the observation of the movement and symmetry in your face.

During this phase, your mouth, teeth, and gums will be carefully examined by your dentist. They'll also take digital pictures and X-rays to get a close-up look at your grin. Another option is to use an intra oral scanner. Your dentist will ascertain the dental and medical histories.

Step  2 - Analysis and Treatment Planning

Your dentist will use facial analysis to develop a personalized treatment plan. This takes into account the size, color, shape, and general symmetry of your smile. The information will then be used to generate a digital representation of your smile.

The dentist will create a blueprint of the smile matching the aesthetics of the patient. Then the dentist releases the blueprint to the patient.

Step  3 - Preview and Patient Approval

By mapping out the proposed changes ahead, the dentist then ensures that the final results are going to be in line with the patient’s expectations.

This approach to digital smile design minimizes the potential complications.

Ultimately, Digital Smile Designing provides long-lasting results that are custom-tailored for each patient.


Digital Smile Design cost in India

Digital Smile Designing in India is paired with advanced technology-built equipment. So, if you are planning for Digital Smile Designing in India, you will know it is the most affordable. The approximate cost of digital smile designing is Rs. 50,000/- and again varies with the patient’s suitability.


Final Thoughts

Digital smile design helps patients to prior visualize the results of the treatment.

So, Look no further than Dr. Jaydev Dental Care if you are looking for a  beautiful smile. Our Digital Smile Designing team will work with you throughout. They understand and address your smile goals at every phase of the treatment. By the end of the treatment schedule, you will be satisfied with the smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Every Single Answer About The Treatment

1. How do my teeth get fixed?

We first fix the chipped or broken teeth with dental fillings. In some cases, dental crowns are suggested to restore the badly broken or decayed tooth. Of all Veneers are the most used smile makeovers that cover minor imperfections.

2. How will you design the smile that suits my face?

I simply answer It is the art of Digital Smile Designing. Face dynamics are the primary approach to start with smile designing. So, we will have one or two sittings to completely understand your smile goals and plan a smile. To assess, we take the photograph or video of your face and teeth while speaking, smiling, or laughing.

3. How long will the treatment Take?

This is the most asked question of all. The duration of digital smile design depends completely on your current smile structure. If your teeth or gums need any primary dental procedures, the duration will vary.

4. Why we should opt for digital smile designing?

Digital Smile Designing is a preferred procedure both aesthetically and orally health-wise. Below are the factors to consider smile designing as your primary procedure - 1. It is more accurate as the blueprints are made based on the patient’s face. 2. It is the most convenient procedure. The patient will have a clear picture of his smile before the treatment procedure begins. 3. Digital Smile designing is customized to the patient’s teeth, gums, and face structure. So it will never go out of your face. 4. It is safe as it eliminates try-and-error procedures that may lead to complications.