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Laser-based therapy is a dental treatment that uses a strong beam of light to cut, burn and destroy tissues. Lasers have come into clinical dental practice since 1989. Ever since then, they have been offering a wide range of treatments in the dental field. With this Laser dentistry, we can provide advanced, non-invasive care techniques for patients from all walks of life. Laser-aided dentistry is highly effective and extremely safe. Utilizing medical-grade dental lasers, we can treat both hard and soft tissues, offering a wide range of therapies that provide better outcomes and faster recovery. Laser dentistry makes treatment more efficient and comfortable.

What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is the use of lasers (a strong beam of light) to treat different dental issues. Laser dentistry likely offers a more comfortable treatment for numerous dental procedures involving hard (our teeth) and soft tissues (Gums). The laser instrument creates light energy in a very narrow and focused beam, producing a reaction when it hits the tissue and removes or reshapes the dental tissue. Laser dentistry is used in various treatments, for

  • Treating hypersensitivity
  • Treating gum diseases
  • Treating dental decay
  • Laser bleaching
  • Laser teeth whitening
  • Laser Root Canal treatment
  • Laser-assisted flap surgery
  • Laser depigmentation
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Advantages of Laser Dentistry Over Other Techniques

As Laser dental treatment uses lasers for the treatment it is highly recommended as it minimises not just the pain but also the chances of problems that arise in open surgery. Its introduction into the dental field has been a great changeover leading to painless and bloodless surgeries and with very minimal patient discomfort. Unlike Laser-based dental treatment, open surgeries or conventional treatments have a considerable amount of pain and discomfort to the patient.
Also, Lasers have a very high rate of better and fast recovery when compared to other conventional treatments. This emerging wave of laser therapy has also embraced dental sciences making the dream of painless dental procedures come true.It is said that there are very few dental clinics using lasers for dental treatments in Hyderabad. We at Jaydev clinic possess one of the finest lasers along with the best Dental specialists and Surgeons for you.

There are many other advantages of Laser treatments in the dental field:

  • With laser dentistry, the need for sutures has been decreased potentially.
  • Dental lasers promote blood clotting and as a result, bleeding is minimized.
  • With the assistance of dental lasers in some dental treatments, anaesthesia is not necessary.
  • As the dental lasers sterilize the area within, the chances for bacterial infections is minimal.
  • With laser dentistry, wounds can heal faster and it stimulates tissue for regeneration.
  • In laser dentistry, the probability of damage to surrounding tissues is very low.

Why Choose Us for Laser Dentistry Treatment in Hyderabad?

How Dental Laser Treatments are Performed?

In laser treatment, there are mainly two procedures, the Hard Tissue procedure for teeth and the Soft Tissue procedure for gums.

Hard Tissue treatment includes:
Cavity detection: With the signs of tooth decay, lasers can detect cavities at an early stage.
Aiding pre root canal procedure: Anesthesia and regular drills are not frequently required with laser treatment.
Treating tooth sensitivity: By sealing the tubules on the tooth’s root, dental lasers can treat tooth sensitivity to hot and cold.

Soft Tissue Treatment Includes:
Gummy smile treatment: Dental lasers are used to reshape the gingival tissue associated with a gummy smile, in which the length of the gum covers much of the teeth.
Crown lengthening: Dental lasers are used in oral surgery dental treatment for removing excess gum tissue, and some bone around the upper teeth to make them look longer.
Removing soft tissue folds: Dental lasers are used for removing the soft tissue folds from ill-fitting dentures without pain or sutures.

Some other Dental Laser Treatments are
Viewing tissues: Lasers aided Optical coherence tomography allowing doctors to safely see inside a tooth or gum tissue.
Removing benign tumours: Dental Lasers can remove tumours from the gums, palates, and sides of the lips and cheeks through a pain-free and suture-free procedure.
Laser teeth whitening: Dental Lasers speed up the bleaching process during teeth-whitening dental sessions.

Compared to non-laser treatment, Dental laser treatments are more accurate and treatment is usually completed in fewer sessions. As a clinic-based out of Hyderabad, we make sure that the treatment we provide with Lasers is accurate and best for all our patients. Our process is always patient-centric.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Get Every Single Answer About Laser Dentistry Treatment

Is Laser Dentistry only for Adults?

People of all ages can benefit from laser dentistry. Adults are habituated to visit dentists, so they may choose laser dentistry or be happy with traditional dentistry with jabs and drills. On the other hand, Lasers are a far better option for infants and children who require dental care but are uncomfortable with shots, drills, or stitches in their mouth.

Do Dental Lasers Hurt?

The use of laser dentistry is extremely safe when performed by trained and specialised dentists. Trained dentists execute operations that are safer than other forms of dental treatment. The Food and Drug Administration(FDA) has given its approval to dental lasers.

Can Laser Dentistry Prevent Tooth Extraction?

Laser dentistry has the potential to prevent the tooth from extraction. When the gum of a tooth is treated with lasers, the gum can be fixed to hold the tooth in place.

Does the gum grow back after laser gum treatment?

After Laser gum treatment, any excess gum tissue that is incised to reposition the gum line and reveal more of the teeth will not grow back.

How many visits will laser gum treatment take?

Usually, Laser gum treatment can be completed in a single visit. In very few cases, a second visit might be required depending upon the individual’s gum health.