Specialised Teeth Whitening Treatment

Specialised Teeth Whitening Treatment in Hyderabad

Teeth Whitening has become the most popular and the most demanded dental procedure in recent times. In Hyderabad alone cosmetic dentistry is on the rise. The rise in television and media industry has made the public very aware of the kind of teeth that they have. The most famous celebrities and models portray the best smiles and laughs that make teeth whitening a more desirable process among the populace.

Specialised Teeth Bleaching Treatment in Hyderabad

Teeth Whitening is also known as teeth bleaching. As the demand for this process has increased, new and fast methods of whitening the teeth have emerged and populated the market. There are many reasons to whiten your teeth ranging from mandatory medical conditions to just having it for the aesthetics. No matter your reason to do it, our clinic in Hyderabad will help you sport that beautiful smile with confidence.

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What is teeth whitening?

As the name suggests, teeth whitening is the process of making the teeth white by getting rid of accumulated stains and discoloration. The stains are usually yellow in color and it is due to a chemical compound called chromogens. To get rid of the yellow stains, one has to get rid of chromogens by practicing some form of teeth whitening procedure. The intensity of the procedure depends upon the type and reason for the stains.

The nature of the stains are categorized into two parts namely intrinsic and extrinsic. In intrinsic stains, the discolouration happens from within the teeth due to factors such as genes, age, etc. In extrinsic stains, the teeth become yellow because of external sources such as food, smoking, drinking alcohol, etc.

Teeth bleaching refers to the process of breaking down the chromogens by oxidizing chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide. Whether it be physical removal or chemical removal of stains, lightning the teeth color can be achieved by a variety of methods.


# Teeth Whitening


Who can have teeth whitening?

You can get the procedure of teeth whitening done if you have any of the following:

  • Yellow stains on your teeth due to excessive smoking, drinking, and bad food habits.
  • Just for the aesthetics, so that you have a big and wide smile.
  • To increase your confidence and self-esteem by having the perfect smile.
  • To maintain overall oral hygiene.
  • Discoloration of the teeth with age.

Visiting a professional will give you an even better idea of who and for what reasons can one get their teeth whitened. If you suffer from immense teeth sensitivity then it is better to stick to the most basic teeth whitening methods.

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How much time does teeth whitening last?

The time that the effects of teeth bleaching last depends on the procedure undertaken to do it. Most in-Office treatments last upto 6 months and sometimes upto 3 years all depending upon the lifestyle of the person. The efficacy of the treatment will be compromised if you consume more teeth staining foods without proper oral hygiene.


Is teeth whitening important for your oral hygiene?

Teeth whitening may not directly impact the overall hygiene of your mouth. However, teeth whitening works best when done in-office, and visiting the clinic includes regular dental checkups. Your clinician will have a dental and medical history of you, so any follow up needed on your dental restorations or fillings will be done. This will result in better oral hygiene eventually. Whitening is majorly done just for the aesthetics.

Does teeth whitening hurt?

No. Common techniques of teeth whitening do not hurt. However, both in-office and at home can be painful or uncomfortable if your teeth are very sensitive. Some teeth bleaching techniques use peroxide gel as the oxidizing agent for the yellow stains. Some use even stronger chemicals for bleaching, and this results in deterioration of the enamel. Pain felt due to this is called bleaching sensitivity (BS). Moreover, techniques used for in-house treatments such as light-accelerated bleaching and internal bleaching can be painful if your enamel is exposed.



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How much whiter will my teeth be after teeth whitening?

Compared to the initial shade, your teeth will be up to eight shades whiter. Your degree of whiteness will depend upon the colour you desire and the amount of staining on your teeth. It is even possible for your teeth's mineral content to influence the whitest shade.

Does Teeth Whitening damage teeth?

We aid advanced technology and the latest equipment for teeth whitening treatment. These do not cause any short-term or long-term damage to the tooth or enamel or dentin.

How long does teeth whitening last?

Usually, teeth will remain white for a year after the teeth whitening treatment. However, it also depends on the food consumption, lifestyle and the oral care we take.

Who can have teeth whitening treatment?

Anyone can whiten their teeth successfully. The Opalescence whitening treatment can treat tooth discolouration due to age, foods and drinks, cigarettes, medications, or trauma to the teeth.

Does teeth whitening damage the tooth enamel?

Teeth whitening treatment does not damage the tooth enamel. But, the acidic levels in the materials used for teeth whitening might damage the teeth.