Get the Perfect Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry
22 Jun

Get the Perfect Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry refers to any of the procedures that work on the appearance of a smile or teeth or mouth. To generalize, it focuses on improving the aesthetics or beauty of the teeth’s alignment, shape, colour, size and on a whole Smile quality. Unlike restorative dentists, cosmetic dentists focus on bringing to life the idea of how a patient’s perfect smile should look like? 

Modern procedures of this cosmetic dentistry give you a beautiful and structured smile even if you are having teeth gaps, Mis-shaped teeth, mis-aligned teeth, or broken teeth. Most of the people are embarrassed about their teeth condition and do not show them at all. Despite this, many people prefer to ignore these issues associated with teeth out of misconceptions around general and cosmetic dentistry. However, there are plenty of procedures to implement, over the past decades, new techniques have provided numerous ways to return the youthful and brilliant smile.

If you have decided to get your smile designed, you’re on the right page. Know in detail about what Cosmetic Dentistry is and its procedures. Then you will have all your mis-conceptions vanished and you will be ready to get your dose of treatment. 

Here is a snapshot of what our blog covers.

  1. Cosmetic Dentistry Introduction
  2. Top Trends in cosmetic dentistry procedure
  3. Benefits from cosmetic dentistry treatment 
  4. Final thoughts
  5. Answers to commonly asked questions

Some of the Concerns that are addressed in Cosmetic Dentistry


Now, let us take you into detail of how all these concerns are addressed. For each of the concerns to achieve, there involves a certain procedure which all together called cosmetic dentistry.

Top Trends in cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry cannot be carried out without the advanced technologies or equipment or procedures. The qualified dentists at Dr.Jaydev clinic carries out each procedure at the best of their service delivering stunning results which look natural. There are different procedures involved in cosmetic dentistry depending on the individual’s teeth and smile visuals.

Let us understand each of the procedures involved in cosmetic dentistry, their impact on making the smile look brighter. 

1. Teeth Whitening

Even with good oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups, teeth prone to discoloration from the foods or in some cases aging also dis-colours the tooth. Tooth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures and probably doesn't go out of demand. In this procedure, the teeth color is changed to a naturally looking white color. In the procedure, the dentists clean the tooth from any plaque or tartar that is visible on the teeth. Then a bleaching or tooth whitening solution is applied on the teeth which brings the natural color to teeth. The most commonly used tooth whitening agent is prescription-strength peroxide gel.  

There are many counter top procedures for teeth whitening but following the dentist advised procedures under their supervision remains the effective means of procedures and lasts long.

2. Gum Contouring 

Gum contouring makes the teeth look longer and shapelier. This procedure is preferred for people whose teeth are gummier than usual teeth. This gum contouring not only helps in shaping the teeth but also retains the teeth strength and healthy gums.

3. Porcelain Veneers

Porcelains are the thin dental coats on teeth which bring a perfect shape and shine to your smile. High quality dental caps made of porcelain are bonded to the surface of the tooth to correct the stains, discoloration and gaps in the teeth. In general porcelain veneers treatment is completed in two visits, one for taking the dental prints and the other for adhering the veneers on teeth. Once dental veneers are adhered, you will have a smile designed even more luminous and natural-looking. 

Usually there will be no pain after the treatment. But some people face gum soreness in the first few days of getting veneers, which can be cured with some OCT medications.

4. Dental Implants

Dental implants are to replace the tooth that is broken or lost due to accidents or dental issues. The broken teeth area is first cleaned and is replaced with a small titanium screw to fit into the jaw called implant placement. The screw bonds to the jaw and becomes support for the dental crown. Jaws bone and supporting tissues fuse to implant making them permanently secured into the place. A connecting device called abutment is placed on the screw first. The crown is placed on the screw and then the surroundings fit in perfectly with the natural teeth.

There are two types of dental implant procedures Endosteal (in the bone) and Subperiosteal (on the bone).  Dental implants are considered the safest procedure by studies from the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. These enable to reclaim the natural smile and beauty preventing bone loss in the jaw and face. Dental implants also go with the trend of natural looking and long lasting teeth.

5. Invisalign

Invisalign is an established procedure alternative to metal braces. Rather than using metal wires and brackets to drag the teeth into the right position, we use clear trays called aligners to make the teeth align in the right position. Your procedure at Dr. Jaydev clinic starts from scanning and analysing the shape of your teeth and jaws. Then the image reports are sent to the laboratory to get the best fitted and matched invisalign aligners to make them look as natural as your teeth. Once the aligners are ready, the dentist places them over the teeth and when removed they leave the button like attachments which carry your teeth to align into the right place.

Benefits of cosmetic dentistry:


The prime requisite coming to smile and mouth is the structured smile and oral hygiene that includes healthy gums, and teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is the best suggestion to achieve this which is bringing natural looking benefits.

  • Prevents Dental issues.
  • Improves Smile structure.
  • Maintains oral hygiene.
  • Keeps you younger with teeth structuring.
  • Improves diet or appetite.

Final Thoughts

To Summarise, it is true that cosmetic dentistry is for dental aesthetic, it brings in more oral health benefits that have a lasting period. At Dr.Jaydev clinic we make modern and technically advanced procedures to design and structure the smile for individuals. If you are not happy or comfortable with your current smile and looking for a makeover, prefer the team of experts in cosmetic dentistry at our clinic. Contact Us and schedule the appointment right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Every Single Answer About The Treatment

Will my new smile be permanent with cosmetic dentistry?

YES. Cosmetic dentistry have marked itself for long lasting results which uses modern materials and treatment procedures. If you regularly visit the clinic and take appropriate care, you will truly achieve your goal of beautiful smile.

Are there any chances for cavities post veneers?

As long as the proper care is taken and advice from trained experts is followed, there will be no lower or higher chances for tooth decays or cavities.

How long I can rely on tooth whitening?

In general tooth whitening lasts for 6 months to 2 years depending on the intensity and quality of procedures you adapted to. But above all tooth discolouration is the complete process of how you treat your teeth. Smoking, Drinking cause strain that results in discoloration. Hence avoiding them is more beneficial.

I have braces, do I still need dental check-ups every six months?

It is in general ideal to have dental check-ups once in a while to identify and address the issues if any. If you are with braces, cleaning them periodically helps in avoiding cavities etc.

How can I schedule appointment?

It is easy and quick to have appointment. Simply call our practice! The front desk team answers all your calls and help you schedule your appointment in less than a day. They will also provide you with all the dental information if you are first visiting.

Will there be any side effects from teeth whitening solutions?

Teeth whitening are a safe and effective procedure. All the solutions used are clinically approved.