When Should I Consider Digital Smile Designing?
06 Jul

When Should I Consider Digital Smile Designing?

There is no secret that every one of us has only one chance to make the best first impression. And to achieve this, smiling is the test of time. Studies from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry concluded that “Smile is the one feature that remains constant how older we may grow”

From their survey report, it is concluded that about 45% of the results agreed that a smile is an attractive feature. About 54% of people of ages above 50 attested that a smile can withstand the test of time.

Smile designing is the new trend gaining popularity each day among the general public. People are getting more self-conscious knowing the need for the smile, beautification and enriched appearance to look confident. As a result, most of the people started investing in the smile designing procedures. With this interest from people, the advent of new technologies was made to make the smile designing process more predictable and accurate.

Before you make structural changes to your face or smile or body, you first look into finding the right or the expert professional and qualified cosmetic dentists. Also, there are so many myths to understand in the right way about the digital smile design. For those who are searching to get the accurate information about digital smile design or smile makeover, we put together all about dental smile design in this blog.

Table of Content

  1. What is Smile Designing?
  2. What is Digital Smile Design?
  3. The Process of Smile Designing
  4. Factors to Consider for Digital Smile Design
  5. When should I consider Smile Designing?
  6. Myths and Facts
  7. Conclusion
  8. FAQs

So without further delays, let’s get into our topic!! Let us start with understanding from definition to benefits.

What is Smile Designing?


If we read about designing anything structurally, it is the process of improving the appearance. This is the same case of smile designing. Smile designing is the cosmetic treatment process involving artistic and skilful improvement of one’s smile. Smile designing helps in achieving an attractive, healthy and of course a structured smile, retaining the natural look. In fact cosmetic dentistry has the procedures to enhance the smile even brighter and structured. Usually digital smile designing is the customized treatment procedure that corrects tooth imperfections right from discoloured tooth to chipped or worn down teeth. 

If smile designing is this impactful, but most of the people are cynical to undertake the treatments after unsuccessful attempts or lack of predictability of final output, Digital smile designs came into shape.

What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital smile design has now become a revolutionary process setting the new standards in the smile makeover. It is now the way to many people looking for a smile makeover. In the digital smile design, your smiles are designed to suit your face in the right manner. The system scans the face and creates the 3D image of your smile using intraoral 3D X-ray and takes the photographs to check the expected smile after treatment. 

This patient-centric approach allows you to work closely with the dentist to achieve the optimal results. Clear visualization of smile structure is shown based on the structure of face, teeth alignment and lips. 

The process of Smile Designing:


Your smile design journey with Dr. Jaydev Clinic begins with the discussion of your final smile goals and the dental or oral issues if you have any. We ensure you get a perfect smile structure irrespective of all your problems as long as they are supportive and curative. As smile designing is not only structuring a smile curve but also a combination of processes like Veneersimplants, crowns & bridges, Gum contouring, etc. The usual digital smile design process is taken in six simple processes.

1. Enhanced Digital Photography:

Do you ever feel like covering your mouth to mask your discoloured teeth? Or have you felt down about your smile brightness? 

For every individual, expressing themselves with clear titles and confidence is the key. Dr. Jaydev dental clinic is here to design a perfect smile for you. Carefree procedures are carried to bring the natural smile back. We begin your smile makeover process by taking the pictures of your smile and teeth structures in different angles to examine where the issue to be addressed or how the smile can be made better. 

2. Video Analysis:

Smiling is something also related to movement of teeth, lips and face slightly when we speak. In digital photography, we only get the static structures. Video analysis process helps in knowing the movement of lips and how the smile is working as a part of our speech. 

3. Smile Design analysis:

In this procedure, the patient gets involved in his digital smile design. Smile gets designed with the clear view of end results combining with the patient’s dream smile look. The expert dentists adopting this modern dentistry, discover the best smile solution that is individualised to each patient. It is suggested to the patients any form of braces, porcelain veneers, or teeth whitening based on the patient’s teeth shapes. Then the smile design starts to give the blueprints of final output.

4. Smile Preview & Treatment: 

From the digital smile design analysis, digital drawings of the smile are created to show how the smile looks in the end. This is the point where enhancements can be made to the smile design in any of tooth color, shape, lip alignments etc. Once the final design is made, the treatment procedure starts accordingly by employing any of the required veneers, braces or teeth whitening.

Now, you can say hello to your new smile that is exclusively designed for You!! Get Appointment now

Factors to consider for Digital Smile Design

For any treatment procedure to carry out, there are certain factors to consider, if failed leads to adverse effects to some or larger extent. Though digital smile designing is the smile makeover procedure, it involves different procedures depending on the patient’s teeth and lips shapes, the health of teeth and gums etc.

Let us now understand what are the factors to consider and why? 

1. Age of the patient

Elderly patients have the wear and tear of tissues or organs forming noticeable incisal surfaces. The weekend tissues sometimes do not support the dental procedures. Hence pre-checking the roots and gums is best practice.

2. Dental Health

Prior to starting the smile designing process, every dentist examines the oral health and dental health of the patient. They analyse for any missing, damaged or mal-aligned tooth or discoloration or over gums, flat lips etc. Based on these detections, the smile designing is planned.

When Should I Consider Smile Designing?

Smile is the essential part of the face which is noticeable at the very first glance. Maintaining a healthy smile builds the confidence of presenting ourselves. Smile designing is not only about making the smile structured; it is more about making the smile look brighter and attractive. Hence it is always considerable to opt for smile designing. 

Digital smile designing is applicable to all ages. Be it a man or woman, old or young, the same process is carried out to examine and design the smile makeover process individually to each. Some of the factors that indicate the necessity of smile designing are;

  • Tooth Discoloration
  • Chipping or cracking of tooth
  • Improper tooth alignments
  • Over gums
  • Gaps in tooth
  • Old restoration

74% of people feel that an enhanced smile can make them more successful in their careers.  Do you believe it?

People can also opt for smile designing if they have any of the following smile or dental goals;

  • I Want to look younger.
  • I Want to have a confident smile.
  • Individuals wanting to look better maintain dental health.

Now let us burst out some myths and discuss truth

#1 In the end, You will have only white and natural teeth

The truth is, smile designing is about every aspect right from shape or color of your teeth to complete oral health. Your lips shape and their alignments while speaking and shape of face are also the factors.

#2 Cosmetic Dentistry is Expensive

The technology advancement made cosmetic dentistry a reachable procedure to everyone. In fact it is the most preferred procedure for efficiency and affordability.

#3 Anyone can make smile designing

Every dental or oral professional can perform smile designing. But Cosmetic dentists or specialists make the difference

#4 Cosmetic procedures are Harmful

Fortunately, no cosmetic procedure is harmful unless carried out well. No veneers or laminates damage the teeth on adhering.

#5 The procedures end up in Sensitivity

Technical advancements made the dentistry procedures minimally invasive. Hence no scope of pain or sensitivity.

#6 Smile Designing is age limited

Do you think smiling has an age limit? If not, then smile designing too has no limit for age. Just precaution and care.

Discuss your Smile Design needs now with our expert dentists.

Ready to design your perfect smile?

In the bottom line, we would like to make it clear that smile designing is just making it structured and brighter but not correcting the fault. Keep all myths aside and consult the best smile designing clinic near you. 

So, what are you waiting for? Consult us today to get a flaunting smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Every Single Answer About The Treatment

Will digital smile design brings a natural-looking result?

The whole theme of digital smile design is to bring a new smile that looks natural. In fact, this procedure allows one to know their final result before they actually get into the treatment.

Can any dentist provide a digital smile design?

No. Most people believe that any dentist can provide this treatment. Only trained and specialized dentists with all the protocols can perform this digital smile design.

How I can prepare for my first consultation?

The first tip for the treatment to be successful is to put all your anxieties aside and step into the treatment. Be calm and cool about your own smile need and clearly state them to your dentist. And nothing more than this! We take care of everything you need and suit you.

What if I don’t like the mock-up design?

Digital smile designing is a beautiful procedure. Your dentist will widely use the software to design the smile you need or they think suits you until you get satisfied. In most cases, if you consulted the professional, the smile at first design gets its shape on you as your dentists are highly skillful.

Is smile designing a combinational dental treatment?

Sometimes Yes. It all depends on the patient’s smile requirements, their present tooth, and oral conditions, and the required changes to be made to bring the desired smile. Usually, a digital smile design includes porcelain veneers, dental crowns, dental implants, gum contouring, teeth whitening, etc.,