Why Do Celebrities Need Smile Designing? Celebrities Who Got Their Smile Designing
07 Feb

Why Do Celebrities Need Smile Designing? Celebrities Who Got Their Smile Designing

Becoming a celebrity is easy nowadays. It is just a SMILE away from you. Yes, a smile that grabs others to you can make you a celebrity.

So many celebrities flash sparkling smiles that we wonder if genetics truly blessed them. It’s unlikely. You too can have a natural-looking, celeb-quality smile with the right approach to smile design.

You might have observed many celebrities or major actresses or actors with gorgeous, bright, and white smiles. There may be cases in which you thought those whiteish smiles are possible only to them.

But, do you know?

Only a small percentage of people are born with beautiful smiles and the rest are finding the solution to design their smiles. There are a variety of approaches you can take to correct your smile or bring it a bright look. Continue reading this blog to discover more about how celebrities have approached smile-designing procedures.


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Why do celebrities need smile makeovers?

Multiple studies have proven that a smile is a confidence booster for anyone. A bright smile presents the individual more brightly. As every normal person seeks a brighter smile, there is no wonder if any celebrity seeks harder for it to have taken center stage.

Celebrities are the public people! Most of the time, they present themselves to the public in either of the ways like acting, promoting brands, advertising, public speaking, etc. Living in such an image-conscious and obsessed industry, led most celebrities to concentrate on the aesthetics of smiles.

The question here is, Do celebrities or public figures need a bright smile to be more accepted in media or television? Let us answer this. In a recent study by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, they revealed that 74% of adults feel that an unattractive smile can hurt their career.


  • Yes. Your smile impacts your career.

We might have spent a lot on career wardrobe. Thinking what it is? Let us make it simple.

If you are going to school or college or for an interview, you might have spent a certain amount each time on clothes, shoes, professional accessories, etc. We agree that without these, we cannot create that first impression. We are spending on these temporary aesthetics.  But, what about the permanent aesthetic? We mean your Smile or Teeth.

You might have read the quote, “Face is the Index of Mind”. In addition to this, we also have another popular saying “Smile is the index of Self-Confidence”. Most importantly, you must be perceived as a person who is intelligent, trustworthy, and worth the time.

In this pitch, a look at the broken-down smile can have an impact on the spot for your opponent. Some people believe that, if you cannot maintain your teeth, how you can manage the work? Other peers might consider your smile as your confidence that sells their product/service.

With all these in the scene, your smile determines whether or not you can be hired. If your desired position involves more face-time, your smile, and oral aesthetics have weight too.

Sad but True: How you look is as important as How much you know!


A Celeb-Quality Smile is your Way!

First things first! You do not have to be in the entertainment business to benefit from the smile makeover. Another thing is everything about bright smiles is an open secret. A smile makeover is available to everyone who wants to open their doors to create a memorable first impression. 

Dentistry in India and foreign countries have seen rapid developments both technologically and infrastructurally. There came many procedures that can transform your smile. No matter how bad they are to start with, you will end up having an aesthetically pleasing smile. All you need to do is to know each of the available procedures and how they can help you better. A good dentist with experience in dealing with multiple such scenarios can suggest the best.

Dr. Jaydev is one of the most experienced endodontists with multiple degrees and is one of the few smile-designing experts in Hyderabad.

Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions are the first celeb-preferred choice.

Celebrities hard find time for themselves. Especially if their calendar is defined by their popularity and the people’s need for them in television projects. So they barely prefer to visit for regular dental sittings and hence opt for a single sitting solution. Thankfully, modern Cosmetic Dentistry does not demand much of your time, yet derives the best results over expectations. Here are the celebrities who go to cosmetic dentistry solutions.

Teeth Whitening: It is obvious thing that teeth make up most of your smile. If they have stained teeth, then you will have a dull smile. Teeth whitening is one of the processes that remove stains from the teeth.

Dental Implants: Celebrities are prone to tooth fractures or sometimes missing teeth due to infections. Or few may have teeth gaps than usual. Also, they may have missed their tooth and have gaps. To address all these, dental implants are proposed.

Porcelain Veneers: For celebrities who are into action-oriented sequences, chipped teeth are common. Porcelain Veneers are one of the effective options to create a natural-looking new smile.


Top Celebrities who have undergone Smile Makeover

Some of the highly celebrated actors and many high-profile professionals have undergone smile makeovers as their smile or face is their first selling point. The following are some of the celebrities who opted for smile makeovers. Not to motivate you, but to make you understand that a smile makeover is just a common thing.


  1. Allu Arjun

Mr. Perfect of Tollywood and the Style Icon for many young people. His acting, style, looks, and performance, all deserve a special mention. Looking closely from his first film to his recent film, his smile is what gave him that brilliant style capturing all hearts.


  1. Ram Charan

The versatile hero Ram Charan also underwent a type of jaw and teeth surgery to correct his smile. We could notice a defined jaw that changed the overall smile. Also, he got veneers for his teeth which bought a spark to his smile.


  1. Amitabh Bachan

He is one of the celebrities who inspired many young celebrities setting an icon for more than a half century. He is highly regarded as a versatile actor and an influencer in world cinema. He has a perfect smile and command over his voice. To owe a perfect tooth at this age, he has sought the dentist's help for that enhanced look.


  1. Priyanka Chopra

The transformation of Priyanka Chopra’s smile and face is amazing. She is an elegant and impactful personality who created a new dimension of inspiring many through her social media channels. Moreover, she is miss world in the year 2000. Be it modeling, acting, or influencing, she made it up to the mark. Backed by hard work, she never left her smile and was confident all along.


  1. Tom Cruise

The star who needs no special introduction. He started his career with misaligned and discolored teeth. He is now a capable celebrity to draw an audience with his extraordinary performance. Cruise has tried many cosmetic dentistry approaches to have a bright smile.


  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

This football champion is influential in many ways. Cristiano once had bad chompers and discolored teeth. Also, he had a crowded tooth due to extra teeth behind. This had a chipped edge which is noticeable while speaking or smiling.

Then he found a dentist who worked on his teeth and smile. With no gaps and whitened teeth, Cristiano’s renewed smile become the charm on his face.


  1. Aishwarya Roy

The beauty icon of Indian cinema. Her strong presence in bollywood is remarkable for her personified grace. Aishwarya’s smile is gracious and it is her confidence. She has made much out of it and maintained her royalty. She took the help of a dentist to enhance the beauty of her smile. As a process, she underwent jaw, lips, and nose corrections along with teeth whitening.  


Go Pro

Always go pro. Never hesitate to get a bright smile for yourself. Especially when you have big life moments, go for professional smile enhancement procedures. A celebrity smile is something to be happy about.


Frequently Asked Questions

Get Every Single Answer About The Treatment

What procedures are Involved in smile designing?

Smile designing is a combination of cosmetic dentistry procedures including veneers, teeth whitening, dental implants, and crowns.

How can I make my smile look beautiful?

The first option is to get regular dental checkups to maintain proper oral hygiene. Next is adopting cosmetic or aesthetic procedures to make your teeth look right and bright.

Can we preview what a smile makeover looks like?

Yes, you definitely can. With advanced technology, the cosmetic dentist will show you the blueprint of your smile before he starts working on it.

Can I have a beautiful smile even if I don’t opt for braces?

More than likely Yes. Braces are not for everyone and sometimes for most reasons, braces would not be even the right choice to make up the smile.

Can we do anything to correct the gummy smile or uneven gumline?

Gums influence the smile. We have a solution for this in dentistry. You can reshape your gums and bring the teeth, gum, and lips visibility to harmony.