What Is Smile? Benefits of Smiling.
24 Jan

What Is Smile? Benefits of Smiling.

It takes more muscles to frown than to Smile. So, the next time you wish to speak to a person and don’t know how to do it, just smile not frown. Because Smiles are contagious.

Ever had someone told you to cheer up and smile? Probably you may not welcome such advice at some point and mood you are in. But there is a good reason to Smile before you Start something. Few smile repellants may question you What is a smile? Benefits of Smiling.

Smiling is the most involuntary and intrinsic human behavior that comes from joy.  It is the best medicine for a better quality of wellness and life. Some people consider a smile as a facial expression.


Why you should smile?

Statistics show that more than 30% of people smile more than 20 times a day. And less than 14% of people smile less than 5 times a day.

  • Smiling is a conversational letter

Your smile is the first unspoken word. It initiates communication with the opposite person.

  1. Increases Confidence:

Smiling is the most presented element everyone looks for in us. A healthy smile makes you feel confident. If we speak about smiling, few became conscious of the appearance of a smile. If they are not happy with the aesthetics, they feel less confident to smile. They might distract themselves by looking around than making proper eye contact. A healthy smile eliminates this discomfort and radiates confidence.

For this, there is a dental procedure called Digital Smile Designing. In this, you will get an aesthetically rich natural-looking smile. Dentists use advanced 3D imaging technology to bring it.

  1. Makes you happier

There is a favorite line for everyone that is given by Charlie Chaplin, “The day you didn’t smile is the day wasted”. It is scientifically true as well.

Smiling or laughing not only makes you look happier, but it also makes you feel happier. A smile releases hormones called endorphins which have many positive physical effects. Faking a smile can also sometimes trick your brain to be happy. Being happy always makes you productive in everything you do. This in turn reflects in your overall satisfaction and again gives you an actual sense of happiness. 


Smiling goes Viral

Yes. Smiling is super contagious just like Yawning. This is because a smile carries a feeling or an emotion or an intention that endears us to reciprocate or replicate.

When we look at someone and they welcome us with a smile, we will feel a good vibe from them which makes us pass a smile to them. Smiles can be easily shareable. Wondering how?

There is a part of the brain that controls facial expressions. When we see someone smiling, it activates us to smile back irrespective of our actual state of mind. Consequently, this enhances the mood and reduces stress levels.


Benefits of Smiling

  1. Recovers from Stress:

We are living in a fast-paced lifestyle where there is no time to spend for ourselves or each other. At the end of the day, we are bogged down about the little things of everyday life. This increases our stress levels in us.

Smiling releases chemicals in your brain like dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. These have great health benefits. These act as painkillers. Serotonin is an anti-depressant. Hence there suggest smile therapy for many people to bounce back from the stress.

  1. Boosts Immune System:

Stress and depression weaken the immune system resulting in poor functioning. The immune system is the major functional unit of the body that keeps you healthy. Smiling releases mood-boosting neurotransmitters that make you more relaxed reducing stress. During the smile or laughter, the brain releases serotonin hormones. These strengthen the immune system. This hormone builds a strong immune system fighting against infections in the body.

  1. Smiling makes you attractive

We are naturally drawn to people who smile looking at us. Smile is an elegant cosmetic that naturally came to us without the need to spend thousands of rupees. Unlike frowned or scowled faces, a smiling face makes you look more attractive and youthful.

When you smile, the muscles in your face get lifted making the person look younger. So, to look younger and feel better, smile as much as you can and it gets spread too.

The Shadow of Your Smile

Of course, a smile is good for social and mental health. There are a few shadows to your smile to you should be aware of. We did not mean that these are drawbacks, but make certain things clear for you.

  1. We always cannot mask our emotions just to smile in front of people. Trying to avoid negative emotions just to appear youthful or happy for others costs you psychologically. We should be aware of what are our on-moment emotions and to what extent we can and have to control them.
  2. Make your smile real for yourself, so that it will look the same for the people around you. Find your inner reservoir of happiness and gratitude, then exhibit it your way.
  3. Sometimes smiles are associated with discomfort and uncertainty. The fake or forcible smiles do not make great connections.
  4. Smiling can come across as submissive in certain situations. Keeping clear control over it helps you increase interactions.

Your Smile is Important!

You know you have a great smile and you know when your smile is not so great. When you don’t smile, people may misunderstand you and sometimes judge you. You may have some defective oral and dental things that make you low in confidence. So, meeting dentists on regular basis helps you find aesthetic solutions.

Let Dr. Jaydev Dental Clinic Improve your Smile.

At Dr. Jaydev Dental, we have a digital smile designing treatment with 3D imaging technology. We design the treatment plan in a way that we want everyone to have the best possible smile and feel their best.

We predesign the smile for you. Once you are satisfied with your smile blueprint only we will begin the treatment. We ensure that you will not have any post-treatment complications.

The Take-Away Note

Smiles Vary from you, me, and the other. Whether we express joy, or happiness, or genuinely burst any emotion, smiles serve their best part.

Smiles reward the behavior, inspire social connections, and improve your wellness. One of the most effective tools we have for expressing who we are and what we mean in social situations, smiles are strong in all their ambiguity and variety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Every Single Answer About The Treatment

1. What should I know before going to have smile designing?

The first thing to know is how you need your smile to be. Try to note the responses to a few of these questions. Do I have any? ● Missing teeth ● Cracked or discolored tooth ● A gummy smile? ● Do my smile inclined with my face?

2. How I will know I need smile designing?

The first thing is you will feel discomfort smiling among the crowd. You barely open up your mouth to smile and sometimes feel less confident about the smile you have. In some cases, you notice tooth discoloration or a misaligned tooth that makes you a bit back to smile. All these indicate you need a smile design.

3. What are the benefits of smile design?

The first and foremost benefit is the beautiful natural-looking smile. In addition to it, you will have perfect teeth, gums, and lip shape. This enhances the overall facial aesthetics.

4. I have the proper tooth, gums, and smile line. Yet I feel my smile is not perfect enough. Can I get opt for smile designing?

Yes, you can. Smile designing is an aesthetic procedure to enhance an ordinary smile to make it an elegant one. So you need not have any great defects to opt for it. But, your dentist will first check your smile, analyze the best-suited one, and then only proceeds with treatment.

5. How long has the new smile been lost?

Smile designing from 3D imaging technology lasts a long. If you have dental veneers or tooth coloring procedures involved, the span of the smile may vary depending upon the issue.